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SMART Prep’s SAT®/ACT® study programs make a difference.

Data-driven & Personalized
Learning Experience

The results of all quizzes, practice questions,
and mock tests students take in class are not
just graded, but analyzed by our automated systems
as well as our teachers, allowing us to provide
customized learning tasks and materials that are
perfectly tailored to each individual student.

High-Quality Study Materials

Our textbooks are created by a team of professional
writers who have done extensive research and
analysis on the contents and the format of the tests.
The books contain core knowledge and effective
question type-specific strategies as well as dozens of practice tests.

Focus on Progress & Motivation

Smart Prep tightly monitors each specific student's
academic development by conducting weekly
one-on-one progress review sessions and frequently
sending out updates and reports to parents and
guardians. In addition, teaching staff remains
in the classrooms at all times to provide assistance and motivate students as needed.

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