College Admissions

More than a million
applications are made to
a few selective universities each year,

and simply having stellar grades no longer guarantees admission to top universities. †Source:
Common data sets and public university information

SMART Prep is here to help Our capable consultants will help you stand out amongst the fierce competition by navigating the complexities
of the college admissions system and creating an application with a bold vision tailored to you,
highlighting the unique strengths that set you apart.

Unlimited Applications & Essay Feedback

To SMART Prep, the students' success is all that counts. No matter how many colleges students decide to apply to, or how many essay drafts the students submit for review, SMART Prep will be there to provide full support until the student succeed.

A Boutique Consulting that Goes Beyond Rote Planning

At SMART Prep, our consultants
work with students and families to
develop a unique and compelling
narrative that will effectively
advertise the students' strengths
to the admissions officers of
the top-tier colleges.

Your Own Team of College Admissions Experts

SMART Prep staff and consultants devote their full attention to the students' progress and are always ready to respond to special requirements and to step in at critical moments to ensure students take full advantage of any available opportunities.

The Results Speak for Themselves

SMART Prep 2020 College Acceptance

SMART Prep's highly effective GPA-management and
College Admissions services produce real results.

Contact us today and discover how SMART Prep programs can help students to improve their academic careers.

Why Successful Applicants
Choose SMART Prep

Experts Who Know the System Inside-Out

SMART Prep's coaches and consultants are well-versed in the different types of college admission processes as well as the critical factors that affect each. Throughout students' secondary years, our experts are at your disposal to provide timely advice, ensuring that the students' efforts are focused on the right activities at the right times.

Never Miss Out on Opportunities

Without careful planning, it is easy to miss valuable opportunities for the students to participate and obtain the awards & recognition that are critical to college admission. SMART Prep's team of professional coaches is always on the lookout to discover new activities and events that best demonstrate students’ talents and potential, making every college aware of their value.

Thorough Academic Career
Path Counseling

SMART Prep's premier guidance & coaching service also includes in-depth academic career path counseling. With advice ranging from how to choose 9th-grade courses to which senior-year AP subjects to take, SMART Prep helps students craft an optimized path that best showcases their commitment and initiative to admissions officers.

Here are some of the services
SMART Prep provides

  • Extracurricular
    Activities Management
    For 9th to 11th graders SMART Prep's college consultants create an all-encompassing roadmap that includes various club activities, competitions, events, and volunteer opportunities to provide students with a clear path to admission at highly selective colleges. This roadmap to success strengthens student applications immeasurably.
  • Course Selection
    For 9th to 11th graders SMART Prep's consultants work to plan the most impactful series of courses for college admissions and graduation. SMART Prep takes students' desired majors and college graduation requirements into account to design the most efficient path for their academic careers.
  • Pre-College
    Summer Programs
    For 9th to 11th graders Pre-college summer programs provide an essential advantage to applicants. SMART Prep's consultants provide timely guidance on finding available summer programs from prestigious colleges and assist students and parents in preparing for any necessary applications or interviews.
  • Standardized
    Test Prep Guidance
    For High School Seniors SMART Prep's academic advisors handle the daunting task of planning out an efficient and manageable schedule that will enable the students to fully prepare for tests while maintaining excellent grades in school and continuing to pursue extracurricular activities.
  • Campus Visit
    For High School Seniors Make the most of this important milestone. SMART Prep plans ahead to provide an itinerary for campus tours at each college that includes events and classes students can participate in, complete with elements students can incorporate in their application essays.
  • Application Strategy
    Workshop Sessions
    For High School Seniors SMART Prep's experienced consultants lead workshop sessions on application processes and group students’ top colleges into categories based on the types of applications needed, what the colleges look for, and schools’ compatibility with students, then developing individual application strategies for each group of schools.
  • In-depth Application
    Essay Review
    For High School Seniors Students can work with us on an unlimited number of drafts and revisions to craft compelling application essays, drastically increasing their chances of success. Each and every draft is reviewed by no fewer than three SMART-Prep consultants to guarantee objective and detailed feedback.
  • Senior Year
    Course Selection
    For High School Seniors While senior-year grades do not play a major role in acceptance, the courses that students elect to take in their final year are crucial to college admission. SMART Prep guides students to courses that will enable a wider selection of colleges to attend.

Higher Test Scores, Better Future
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