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Tested & Proven Prep Courses
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Smart Prep’s highly effective test prep courses are the
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Smart Prep Advantages

Comprehensive Curriculum
Comprehensive Curriculum
Our comprehensive curriculum covers
everything students need to know to earn
a high test score.

In addition to learning specific test-taking
strategies, such as skimming for
information and using context to
understand vocabulary, student will also
develop core academic competencies.

The substantial improvement in test
readiness that results from taking our
courses provides students with confidence
in their abilities.
Specialized Instructors
Specialized Instructors
All of our instructors have
years of experience teaching
one specific section of a test.

As a result, they not only know
the material inside out but are also
experts at helping students
improve their scores.

With their extensive knowledge and
exceptional ability to explain
key concepts clearly, Smart Prep’s
teachers are true masters of
the sections they specialize in.
High-Quality Study Materials
High-Quality Study Materials
Our study materials are the products of
extensive research and analysis.

They are very similar to the SAT, ACT and
ISEE in terms of content and format.
The explanations in our guides are
concise, accurate, and easy to understand.
Our test-taking strategies work in
the actual exam environment, not just on paper.

In addition, our materials are updated
regularly to include the newest
question types and passage topics.

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